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Give yourself wardrobe space
Act Now! It's so simple!

  • Bag up your unwanted clothes. Adult's and children's clean clothing, underwear, socks, coats, shoes, bags, linen etc.
  • To arrange collection and payment, please phone us on 07818 641539 between 9am and 7pm Monday to Friday
  • Our collectors will weigh your bags on our digital scales and pay you 40 pence per kilo in cash for your clothes
  • Use the money for yourself, donate it to your favourite charity, or why not raise funding for your favourite organization? - it's up to you!

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Welcome to Our Website
This is Jenda Collections, Cash for Clothes!

This is a New Way of our company collecting clothes and helps you with the credit crunch by putting money back in your pocket where it belongs!

Cash for Clothes is a new idea for collecting door to door clothing which puts money back into your pocket. Fill any type of bag, as many as you like, and call our collection phone line. We will arrange for our collector to call and he will weigh the bags on our digital scales and pay you 40p per kilo for the them. e.g. a sack weighing 10 kilo's will be worth £4.00. Cash is paid to you immediately.

If you wish you can bring you clothes down to our warehouse yourself, but please still call our collection phone line to arrange a time.

Act now! It's so simple!
Give yourself wardrobe space


Doorstep collection and Payment of...

per Kilo

Important Info...

By selling your clothes to us and giving the money directly, your favourite charity will recieve up to TEN TIMES more than the normal charity bag collection donation!

Please note...

Goods can also be brought directly to our Irthlingborough Warehouse for weighing. Please ring for an appointment first.

We'd be grateful if your clothes are of good quality since they will be recycled and worn again in poorer countries.

What to do...

To organize a collection simply call our collection phone line on 07818 641539...

It couldn't be easier!

We will agree a mutual time to collect from your home. Remember don't throw money away -

Charity begins at home!

Contact Us...

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